Eps Foam Recycling Machine With Electrostatic Prevention.

Eps Foam Recycling Machine With Electrostatic Prevention.

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  • Dust Filter System In Eps Crushing Machine:

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electrostatic prevention for the eps foam recycling machine is very important. Because there will be much electrostatic during the crushing. If it is not treated well, it is very easy to lead the eps beads in the eps recycling system burn. It is dangerous.


In order to resolve this problem, the treatment of electrostatic must be done from the beginning. Every part must be connected well with the electrostatic prevention wire. And the paint must be electrostatic prevention type. The motor should be electrostatic prevention type also. Furthermore, the operator must clean the crushed beads timely in case too much beads in the crushing vessel of the recycled eps beads machine. The operator must wear the electrostatic prevention type working clothes. The machine must be connected with the ground well.

  • Technical Data:

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