Good Quality Eps Crusher Machine

Good Quality Eps Crusher Machine

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  • Dust Filter System In Eps Crushing Machine:

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The crushed beads from eps crusher are transferred in the separated silo, then after the drying for some period, they can be re-infeed in the block molding machine or the shape molding machine. But because the beads are crushed by the eps crusher machine, the size cannot be the same, so the filter holds need to be set correctly according to actual inquiry. If the hole is too small, the beads which passes through the filter will be too small accordingly, for the construction industry, the surface quality of the final product will not be good. But if the hole is too big, the beads will be too big, then it will not be suitable for the packing industry.

Normally the recycling crusher machine supplier will discuss with the customer in order to give the customer the best solution.

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