Safety Of Eps Foam Crusher Machine

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eps foam crusher machine is a very useful tool for recycling the material in EPS factories. But it must be operated correctly and safely. The crushing knife runs with very high speed, so during the running, the operator is not permitted to put the fingers in the infeed door. If the material is blocked, the machine must be switched off totally before repairing the styrofoam foam crusher. There is a protection switch in the upper cover, when the cover is opened, the electricity is off in case the machine is on in accident. The running direction of the crushing knife is also important, the operator must check and ensure the right turning direction so that the eps blocks are crushed well by the eps crusher. During the running of the eps crusher machine, the operator is not permitted to stand in front of the infeed gate in order to avoid accident hazard.


The crushing machine is equipped with dust collection system, but the operator still need to wear protection tools such as mouth covers. Furthermore, the operator must wear the ear plugs to avoid the hazard of the noise.

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  • Dust Filter System In Eps Crushing Machine:

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