Worldwide Sales Styrofoam Foam Crusher

Worldwide Sales Styrofoam Foam Crusher

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  • Dust Filter System In Eps Crushing Machine:

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Q: How many sections does automatic styrofoam foam crusher have?

A: There are totally three main sections in the machine, crushing section, separation section, dust collection section.

Q: What is the packing method for sea freight?

A: The packing method is normally wooden boxes which can be put in the container by lift truck. In the box, there will be a plastic foam to avoid rust during transportation.

Q: What is the gross weight for the whole machine?

A: The gross weight is about 1.2 Ton.

Q: Is the installation easy?

A: The installation is very easy to do, there is the installation instruction of the eps crusher, the installation can be finished in about 4 hrs according to the instruction. Before shipment, we already did the pre-assembling.

Q: Can the machine be customized?

A: Yes, the eps crusher machine can be customized according to the customer inquiry.

  • Technical Data:

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  • Details:

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