German High Quality Eps Crusher Machine

German High Quality Eps Crusher Machine

The new designed eps crusher machine has the new developed technology of dust separation system, it can collect the dust more efficient and completely. In the dust collection vessel, the dust and the crushed beads are separated by a brush which is turning. At the same time there is the wind...

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There are several types of recycled eps beads machine, small type mobile crushing equipment is used on recycling the eps parts with small dimension such as electrical parts package, heavy duty crushing machine is used on recycling big dimension eps parts such as eps blocks. German recycled eps beads machine is designed by European standard, the machine is equipped with dust collection system.

The turning direction of the crushing shaft must be set correctly according to the indication brand on the machine, or else the crushing effect will not be good and the crushed beads will be output from the infeed gate.

The dust collection type will be decided according to the crushing capacity of the machine, the wind blowing of big dust collection equipment is strong, if the crushing machine is small, there will be power waste, but if the dust collection is not big enough, the crushed beads will not be transferred out timely, this will block the transferring pipe.

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