Hot Sale Eps Crushing Machine

Hot Sale Eps Crushing Machine

WINPLUS hot sale EPS crushing machine of heavy duty mode gives the customer perfect crushing solution. The tearing up box is fitted in the top layer, it can tear up the big pieces of EPS block into small pieces, the crushing section is in the lower layer, the small pieces block is crushed into...

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Automatic EPS Crushing Machine is an important equipment in eps recycling system. The unqualified eps products are recycled by eps foam recycling machine, and they can be reused. Many eps factories save much cost. For example, the recycled beads can be input in the block molding machine with the normal beads which is suggested by 10% at the most. The molded block is still qualified with perfect surface quality. One boss tells the reporter that currently the price of the raw material is more and more expensive, if they sell the unqualified products with very cheap price, they will lose much profit, then when they use recycled eps beads machine, it saves much money from them.


Another problem is the dust collection. There will be the dust during crushing, if the dust is not collected, there will be the pollution for the environment. The mobile crushing equipment must be equipped with the dust collection section. The dust will be separated after crushing, the clean crushed beads will be transferred to the silo for future use.

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  • Dust Filter System In Eps Crushing Machine:

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  • Technical Data:

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  • Detail:

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