High Efficient Eps Block Cutting Machine

High Efficient Eps Block Cutting Machine

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WINPLUS Full automatic EPS Block continuous cutting machine with hot wire cutter is controlled by PLC and MMI. All of the working positions are placed with photoelectric switches, it can run automatically. The first infeed section can hold 5 pcs blocks at the same time, and at the most of 3 pics block and be cut horizontally and vertically. The cutting efficiency is improved much. The machine is equipped with several lying and clamping devices, it can ensure the cutting tolerance very preciously. The cutting frames are made of Al. material, the strength is high and the gravity is small, it can lengthen the machine life as much as possible. The frame of changing wires can let the wire changing be done without stopping the machine, the efficiency is very high.


Q: What is the most important for the block cutting?

A: It is the most important to set the hot wire correctly before cutting, because the cutting process cannot be stopped during cutting. The setting includes setting the cutting thickness, cutting wire tension degree, vibration frequency (for F.R. Block). 


Q: How to ensure the safety during the cutting?

A: Stay away from the cutting area especially the hot wire area, because there is electricity in the wire and the temperature is high. Furthermore, pay attention to the moving parts such as conveyor belt, transferring chain.

EPS cutting machine with double vibration cutting sections.jpg 

Precious Conveyor Belts Ensure Smooth Transferring Of The Blocks.jpgVibration Cutting Section.jpg
Precious Conveyor Belts Ensure Smooth Transferring Of The BlocksVibration Cutting Section

Continuous cutting- Horizontal.jpgContinuous Cutting- Vertical.jpgConveyor racks after fabrication and assembling..jpg
Continuous Cutting- HorizontalContinuous Cutting- Vertical
Conveyor Racks After Fabrication And As Sembling

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