The EPS Block Cutting Machine Characterisitics

The EPS Block Cutting Machine Characterisitics

Yantai Winplus Machinery Co., Ltd is located in Yantai - a beautiful seaside city, the company specially produces and sells EPS EXPANDATION machine

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  1. The machine is controlled by PLC and MMI. All stations are equipped with photoelectric switches to realize full automatic operation.

  2. 2、设有5段工位,可以放置5块板在切割线上,三块板材同时进行水平、垂直和截断切割, 实现连续生产,同时切割速度提高1倍以上。

    Three plates can be cut from horizontal, vertical and truncation at the same time, the cutting speed increased by more than 1 times.

  3. 3、切割机设有多处靠模和夹紧装置,提高了切割的精度;

    The cutting machine is equipped with a plurality of models and clamping devices to improve the cutting accuracy.

  4. 4、采用主推架铝合金和铝型材连接而成,强度高,采用链条传动,带动板材运行,链条传动支撑导轨,均采用进口高强度工程塑料制作而成,提高使用寿命。

    The use of the main push frame aluminum alloy and aluminum profile connection, high strength, the use of chain drive, drive plate operation, chain drive support guide, both imported high strength engineering plastic made, to improve the service life.

  5. 5、另配有切割丝架一套,可一次性更换全部切割丝,节省换丝时间。

    Another set of cutting wire frames can replace all the cutting wires at one time and save time for changing cutting wire.


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