Foam Coating Eps Block Making Machine Price

Foam Coating Eps Block Making Machine Price

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1.our running modes: fully automatic, semi-automatic, middle start-up and manual operation.
2.The machine adopts opening and closing mould, locking mould of the hydraulic system with stable running.
3.Steam general valve uses steam ball valve with good airproof characteristics and long life.
4.Four safe fixing: safe and interlock switch, pause switch, urgent stopping switch, safe valve
5.Touch screen display, graphical interfaces, Chinese and English display, soft button etc
6.Refrigerating constrainedly, high cooling efficiency, low water convenient filling material, high effectiveness
7.Feeding material automatically, convenient filing, high efficiency
8.The main components such as CPU, touch screen are from the well-known company with stable quality
9.Block conveying line and electronic weighing scale for machine is optional.  

Technical Data:

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Mixing vessel are polished preciously so that no material be stick on the serface..jpgDelivery.jpg

Mixing Vessel Are Polished Preciously So That

 No Material Be Stick On The Serface

Mixing shafts are coated with special Teflon layer.jpgAcid vessels are made of qualified ss 304..jpg
Mixing Shafts Are Coated With Special Teflon LayerAcid Vessels Are Made Of Qualified ss 304

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