High Performance Eps Foam Coating Machine

High Performance Eps Foam Coating Machine

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1.Control System :The machine is integrated with international advanced electronic original components with PLC Programmable Logic Controller (Germany Siemens) and convenient touch screen displayer. With many self-protection and alarm system, it is easily operated to carrry out automatic production from feeding, temperature control , ration, pressurizing, etc. 

2. Work Modes:

It works in two modes: normal feeding and pressure feeding of material , and the two modes can be switched as the structure & form of the mould. It is optional for full automatic, semi-automatic and manual operating method 

3.Steam System

The machine is with equilibrium valve to ensure the steam and temperature stable , and less steam consumption 

4.Power System:

The machine is driven by hydraulic pressure with a fast/slow differential system to ensure the precise time for mould opening and clozing in an economized time and stable operation 

5. Vacuum System (optional)

The machine is with excellent vacuum system to accelerate product shaping speedshorter the cooling time & reduce product water content 

6.Other Advantage:

The machine can automatic and efficient carry out heating , cooling , feeding and ingot stripping process to adapt to different EPS products. Various of heating methods can be optionally used as per the product form so as to ensure the product quality. A vacuum and negative pressure system can ensure a low water content , rapid shaping , and shorer drying period (or without drying) .

Technical Parameter(EPS Box Production Line)

Technical Data:

Technical Data.jpg


Mixing vessel are polished preciously so that no material be stick on the serface..jpgDelivery.jpg

Mixing Vessel Are Polished Preciously So That

 No Material Be Stick On The Serface

Mixing shafts are coated with special Teflon layer.jpgAcid vessels are made of qualified ss 304..jpg
Mixing Shafts Are Coated With Special Teflon LayerAcid Vessels Are Made Of Qualified ss 304

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