WINPLUS Eps Coating Machine Is For Sale Worldwide

WINPLUS Eps Coating Machine Is For Sale Worldwide

WINPLUS hot sale F.R. eps Beads coating machine is widely used in EPS F.R. Block factories. It can let the customer coat the beads to A Class in order to meet the high level construction market. The specially designed dust and fume collection system can make the workshop very clean and not...

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Product Details

F.R. eps beads vacuum coating machine is a coating equipment to do de flame coating for coating industry. The concept is to coat a F.R. layer in the normal eps beads so that the coated beads can have the F.R. character. The machine has the advantages like high productivity, precious coating, clean operation, etc. The input of the acid can be controlled by PLC and output by blower and mixing paddle. The brushing section can prevent beads blocking effectively.


Q: is the automatic coating machine for de flame coating installed easily?

A: The machine is installed very easily, it is divided into several sections, acid input section, beads input section, mixing section, drying section, transferring section. Those sections can be mounted together easily on customer site.


Q: Is the vacuum coating machine suitable for sea freight?

A: The designing of the machine is according to the sea freight by container, so the machine can easily be put in the container for sea freight.


Q: What is the capacity of the fire resistant coating machine?

A: The capacity is from 3m3 per hour till 5m3 per hour. The customer can decide according to their own inquiry. Also WINPLUS can make EPC planning.


Q: What is the warranty period of the Full Automatic F.R Coating Machine- Economic Type?

A: The warranty period for the whole machine is one year after commissioning. But because we use high quality spare parts, normally the life of the machine is very long as long as the machine maintenance is on time.

F.R.eps Beads coating machine.jpg

automatic coating machine.jpg

EPS beads coating machine feeding system:

eps beads coating machine feeding system.jpg

Pulse air cleaning system for coating machine:

Pulse air cleaning system for coating machine.jpg

Dust collection of the beads coating machine:

Dust collection of the beads coating machine.jpg

Technical Data:

Technical Data.jpg

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