Batch Type EPS Pre-expander Machine Features

Batch Type EPS Pre-expander Machine Features

WINPLUS eps Preexpander machine has automatic cleaning function. When beads gravity changes, it is not necessary for the operator go inside the drying bed to clean the beads manually, the operator only need to push a button in the MMI, the cleaning will run automatically, in few minutes the...

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Product Details

eps expanding machine.jpg

eps expanding machine.jpg 

  • Fully automatic pressure batch type process operation. Automatic dosing of raw material.

  • Expander design provides efficient operation for EPS

  • High throughput yielding more processed beads per pre-expander, providing lower operating and capital cost.

  • Vacuum conveyance of raw material to upper storage hopper.

  • Stainless steel raw material storage and weighing hoppers.

  • Transparent raw material dosing funnel allows visual inspection of material flow.

  • Transparent expansion chamber enables visual monitoring of the material expansion.

  • Variable speed, stainless steel agitator stirrer with Teflon wipers insures delicate bead treatment while in the expansion chamber.

  • Live steam, controlled by a pneumatic proportional slide valve using an I/P positioner for remote control via the HMI, is introduced into expansion chamber through vent plates in bottom door. Direct steam contact on raw material provides uniform expansion of beads.

  • Purge valve on expansion chamber allows continuous cross flow of steam through raw material for more uniform temperature throughout the expansion chamber.

  • Photoelectric eye senses pre-expanded bead level in chamber which stops the expansion process at a known volume to assure precise density control.

  • Quick evacuation of expanded beads through fully open expansion chamber bottom.

  • Fluidizing bead drying bed allows precision cooling and stabilizing of expanded beads.

  • Manually adjusted weir at discharge end of drying bed allows infinite adjustment of bead residence time according to required moisture content and output volume.

  • Screen type bead de-lumping system.

  • Blower and  enture vacuum transport system provides gentle conveyance of fresh beads to local storage site.

  • Programmable logic controller containing fully functional integrated software for machine control allowing operator easy and simple adjustment of all process timers.

  • All process variables are entered via an operator interface.

  • Optional pre-expanded bead density monitoring system.




Capacity of different type machine





Below is  some picntures of our Winplus EPS expanding machine detail for your reference.


Panasonic PLC.jpgFormula Storage  System.jpg
Panasonic PLCFormula Storage  System


Cabinet assembled professioally.jpgTYPE YF3000 pre-expanding machine for one customer.jpgPID Valve from Germany.jpg
Cabinet Assembled 


TYPE YF3000 Pre-expanding

 Machine For One Customer

PID Valve --Gemu


Bottom Discharge Door.jpgPneumatic cabinet.jpg
Bottom Discharge DoorPneumatic Cabinet
Angle valves are all imported from Gemu Germany.jpgShipment to the customer.jpgLeveling sensor control box.jpg

Angle Valves Are All Imported 

From Gemu Germany

Shipment To The Customer

Leveling Sensor Control Box


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