High Value Added EPS Pre-expanding Machine By WINPLUS

High Value Added EPS Pre-expanding Machine By WINPLUS

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WINPLUS eps expansion machine for eps line are suitable for packing, casting, eps pannel, etc. The expander steam is controlled by Pressure reducing Valves and PID angle valves, the flow can be very accurate, this ensures the even steam pressure in the vessel. Full automatic eps pre-expander machine with bottom discharge function has the advantages like quicker discharge, no beads jam, etc. It is calculated by one customer regarding the consumption of the steam, WINPLUS Full Automatic Pressurized Expanding Machine saves the steam by around 30%, it really helps the EPS foam, EPS moulding plants save internal cost.


Q: What kind of heating method for the expanded beads in the drying bed?

A: The expanded beads are dried by the heating blower, the blower blows strong wind, the wind is heated by the heater and becomes hot wind, the beads are blowed in the bed for a certain period, then are transferred to the silo. The heating time is according to the beads humidity.


Q: How to prevent the beads get blocked during the heating?

A: At first, the heating temperature must be set correctly, too high temperature can leads the beads overheated in a short time and stick with each other. Secondly, the heating wind needs to be adjusted into right blowing direction. Thirdly, the heat radiation must be enough.

eps expander machines.jpg

eps expanding machine.jpg

Overall Dimension:

overall dimension.jpg

EPS machine expanding process:

EPS machine expanding process.jpg

Technical Data:

technical data.jpg

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