Pre Foam Beads After EPS Expansion to Be Used in EPS Line

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eps expanding machine.jpgeps expander machines.jpg

Discharging door is processed by CNC machine center and after precision adjusting. It can totally ensure the smooth movement in the whole working process, and can avoid the material squeezed and the deformation of the exhausting door.

■ Details

Panasonic PLC.jpg

Panasonic PLC

Cabinet assembled professioally.jpgMain shaft and mixing rods.JPGTYPE YF3000 pre-expanding machine for one customer.jpg
Cabinet Assembled 


Main Shaft And 

Mixing Rods

TYPE YF3000 Pre-expanding

 Machine For One Customer

Side Discharge Door.jpgBottom Discharge Door.jpg
Pneumatic cabinet.jpg
Side Discharge DoorBottom Discharge DoorPneumatic Cabinet
Angle valves are all imported from Gemu Germany.jpgSpecially designed heating plates ensure the best heating.jpgSepcially designed brushing system ensures prefect brushing effect..jpg

Angle Valves Are All Imported 

From Gemu Germany

Specially Designed Heating Plates 

Ensure The Best Heating

Sepcially Designed Brushing System 

Ensures Prefect Brushing Effect

Leveling sensor control box.jpgLoading for shipment.jpgShipment to the customer.jpg
Leveling Sensor Control BoxLoading For ShipmentShipment To The Customer


Q: What is meaning of bottom discharge pre-expanding machine?

A: Bottom discharge pre expanding machine means that the discharge doors in the bottom of the vessel.

Q: What is the advantage of the bottom discharge expander?

A: High precision, high speed.  It is very useful to expand high gravity eps beads.

Q: How many types of feeding method do you have for the pre expanding machine?

A: We have vacuum feeding and spiral system feeding.

Q: How do you do transferring after expanding?

A: The transferring is executed by the high pressure blower.  

Q: Do you have the filter system when feeding material?

A: Yes, the machine is equipped with double level filter system. 

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