Hot Sale Product - Eps Expanding Machine

Hot Sale Product - Eps Expanding Machine

WINPLUS eps Preexpander machine has automatic cleaning function. When beads gravity changes, it is not necessary for the operator go inside the drying bed to clean the beads manually, the operator only need to push a button in the MMI, the cleaning will run automatically, in few minutes the...

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eps expanding machine.jpg

eps expanding machine.jpg 

Why choose our tire?

1. Our EPS expanding machine is best in quality------- Heating plate is with good design, stiring system is with good design, material discharge door is with good design etc, Valve is best selected from Germany, PLC is best selected from Japan, Touch screen is best selected from USA etc. All EPS expanding mahines are with true quality warranty.

2. Our EPS expanding machine is strictly controlled by each process, we only selling class A quality EPS expanding machine

3. We put efforts on long terms and good cooperation and always, we trust our clients and we treat you as partners, we will grow together with you in your market

4. We protect your market and profit to avoid any bad copetition.

Hope cooperate with Winplus! We believe our EPS expanding machine will bring you lots of recorders and win larger and larger market share.


Overal dimension


Panasonic PLC.jpgFormula Storage  System.jpg
Panasonic PLCFormula Storage  System

Cabinet assembled professioally.jpgMain shaft and mixing rods.JPGTYPE YF3000 pre-expanding machine for one customer.jpgPID Valve from Germany.jpg
Cabinet Assembled 


Main Shaft And 

Mixing Rods

TYPE YF3000 Pre-expanding

 Machine For One Customer

PID Valve --Gemu

Side Discharge Door.jpgBottom Discharge Door.jpgPneumatic cabinet.jpg
Side Discharge DoorBottom Discharge DoorPneumatic Cabinet
Angle valves are all imported from Gemu Germany.jpgSpecially designed heating plates ensure the best heating.jpgSepcially designed brushing system ensures prefect brushing effect..jpg

Angle Valves Are All Imported 

From Gemu Germany

Specially Designed Heating Plates 

Ensure The Best Heating

Sepcially Designed Brushing System 

Ensures Prefect Brushing Effect

Welcome to contact us, we are here only for you, and we will provide what you want

Contact information

Leveling sensor control box.jpgLoading for shipment.jpgShipment to the customer.jpg
Leveling Sensor Control BoxLoading For ShipmentShipment To The Customer

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