Plastic Foam Cutting Machine

Plastic Foam Cutting Machine

Yantai Winplus Machinery Co., Ltd is located in Yantai - a beautiful seaside city, the company specially produces and sells EPS EXPANDATION and plastic foam cutting machine

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When some customers start to use plastic foam cutting machine, they found the running speed is fast, but with the time passing, the speed becomes slowly. In this case we need find out the root cause, take action and finally to solve it.

In fact, there are some possibility if the speed becomes slowly, for example, low voltage free of loading, low cutting current or cutting mouse block etc., so we need do daily checking for some key points and try to find the problem before any abnormal situation happened.

If we do daily checking carefully, also we can avoid the cutting efficiency slowly problem. Surely during the machine running, when we find any problem, we must switch off the machine immediately, find the root cause and solve it, otherwise the situation will become worse and worse, furthermore, it could also affect other components works.

In a word, please pay more attention on the running situation of the machine, do daily checking carefully.

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