The Operation Working Instruction Of Eps Material Expander

The Operation Working Instruction Of Eps Material Expander

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 The operation working instruction of Eps material expander

  1. Every time you start the EPS material expander, please be sure to check the compressed air pressure (not less than 0.4 MPa), steam pressure (not less than 0.4 MPa)

  2. After the EPS material expander is powered on, first check whether the voltmeter is 220V voltage, if yes, open the power key and emergency stop button, enter the operation interface; if above or below 220V, please check the power supply and cable lines, in order to avoid serious consequences.

  3. When the EPS material expander is powered on, and the touch screen in in operation interface, first open the compressed air valve, then open the steam valve, open the valve slowly, so as not to cause water hammer effect. After opening the steam valve, slowly open the drain ball valve and drain the condensate in the pipeline.

  4. When EPS material expander start after long time powered off, the machine should be pre heated at least  2 times. After the preheating is completed, it can start normally.

  5. When the equipment is working, the operator shall not leave the work position without authorization, and shall observe and monitor the working state and sound of the equipment. If abnormal, timely measures shall be taken.

  6. The operator can not touch the steam pipe and moving parts when the machine is working, so as to avoid personal accidents.

  7. When repairing, please be sure to turn off the gas source and power supply.

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