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High efficient eps molder is the important equipment for eps foam production line. The molding dimension of the block will decide the peeling thickness when cutting. Good eps block machine can reduce the peeling thickness as much as possible, it reduces the waste qty of the product. When deciding the chamber of the eps foam block molding machine, the customer needs to consider the contracting of the molded block, if the chamber is too big, the peeling thickness will be too much, the waste will increase, fi chamber is too small, the surface cannot be cut by the cutting wire, the surface quality and the dimension of this block will not qualified.

The steam plates in the chamber should be cleaned timely in order to ensure the steam flow effect. The clean steam is very necessary for the eps molder, if the steam is not clear enough, the dust will block the laser cutting gap in the steam plates, the steam flow will be not good then.

eps block molding machine.jpg

Full Automatic Vacuum Block Molding Machine--Normal Block

eps block moulding machine.jpg

Technical Data:

Technical Data.jpg



WINPLUS offers the best solution for EPS block molding:

WINPLUS offers the best solution for EPS block molding.jpg

WINPLUS offers the best solution for EPS shape molding:

WINPLUS offers the best solution for EPS shape molding.jpg

Workshop Plan for EPS Block Factory:

Workshop Plan for EPS Block Factory.jpg


Block seperation.jpgFeeding guns from Korea.jpgStrong Vacuum.jpg
Block SeperationFeeding Guns From KoreaStrong Vacuum

Block Width Adjustable.jpgEPS raw beads mixing.jpg
Block Width Adjustable EPS Raw Beads Mixing
CNC precious machining.jpgLoading.jpg
CNC Precious Machining Loading
Pressing Function.jpgSteam Plates after precious fitting.jpg
Pressing FunctionSteam Plates After Precious Fitting


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