PLC Controled EPS Automatic Block Molding Machine

PLC Controled EPS Automatic Block Molding Machine

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Product Details

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Full Automatic Vacuum Block Molding Machine--Normal Block

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Performing fully automatic, semi-automatic, middle starting and manual operating mode;

  • Using hydraulic system mold clamping, stable and reliable;

  • The main intake of steam control valve is pneumatic valve, good sealing, and long life;

  • Using the programmable control with color touch screen control, easy to operate;

  • Automatic feeding, convenience and high efficiency;

  • The main components (CPU template, touch screen, etc.) all use international and domestic brands;

  • Forced air-cooled refrigeration, high cooling efficiency, low moisture content;

  • Weighing shelf is available to buy individually according to customer requirements;

Features of EPS Machinery Styrofoam Machine Block

1. Japan Mitsubishi PLC, touch screen, full english display.

2. Full automatic, semi-automatic running or manual operation according to setting.

3. Taiwan AIRTCA hydraulic system runs stably with low noise and high clamping force.

4. Vacuum system accelerates shaping speed, shortens cooling time and reduces product water content.

5. Optimized designwith high efficiency.

6. Multifuction of heating, cooling, feeding and ingot stripping processto different EPS products.

7. Perfect malfunction checkout system and motor protecting system guarantee safe running.

Technical Data:

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WINPLUS offers the best solution for EPS block molding:

WINPLUS offers the best solution for EPS block molding.jpg

WINPLUS offers the best solution for EPS shape molding:

WINPLUS offers the best solution for EPS shape molding.jpg

Workshop Plan for EPS Block Factory:

Workshop Plan for EPS Block Factory.jpg


Block seperation.jpgFeeding guns from Korea.jpgStrong Vacuum.jpg
Block SeperationFeeding Guns From KoreaStrong Vacuum

Block Width Adjustable.jpgEPS raw beads mixing.jpg
Block Width Adjustable EPS Raw Beads Mixing
CNC precious machining.jpgLoading.jpg
CNC Precious Machining Loading
Pressing Function.jpgSteam Plates after precious fitting.jpg
Pressing FunctionSteam Plates After Precious Fitting


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