About the future development of cutting machines

- May 10, 2012 -

Now the development of many industries are inseparable from the steel plate materials, such as automobiles, ships, steel, railway and other industrial development. However, the processing of metal plate, but also inseparable from the cutting machine. China's cutting machine replacement speed is relatively fast, review the development history of cutting machine, cutting machine is divided into manual cutting, small sports car cutting machine, semi-automatic cutting machine, CNC cutting machine, robot manipulator cutting technology.

Now the cutting machine market is facing several development priorities: the first is the cutting machine product innovation, after the development of 2011, cutting machinery industry poured out more and more manufacturers, some small-scale cutting machine business blindly chase With the imitation of other people's equipment production, product quality is not guaranteed under the premise of the enterprise's core competitiveness of the product, the long run, the enterprise is bound to be in the wave of rapid economic development submerged, and ultimately eliminated. Cutting machine enterprises in order to develop by leaps and bounds, we must have the core competitiveness of the market, with their own unique products. Followed by cutting machine products, high-tech, advanced cutting machine equipment since 2011, large-scale development, a number of large-scale cutting machine factory production requirements are getting higher and higher, CNC cutting machine to improve the degree of automation more and more Large manufacturers welcome, so take the development of high-tech road Zhang has become the latest development direction of the machinery industry.

crusher machine:

crusher machine.jpg

eps expanding machine:

eps expander machines.jpgeps expanding machine.jpg

automatic coating machine:

automatic coating machine.jpg

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