Advantages of electric foam cutter

- Oct 31, 2017 -

YANTAI WINPLUS MACHINERY CO.,LTD. is a research and development, production and sales of electric EPS foam cutter manufacturers. The company has advanced equipment, high level of scientific and technical personnel, through years of continuous learning and cooperation with other electric EPS foam cutter manufacturers, the company accumulated a wealth of research and development, production experience.

YANTAI WINPLUS wire cutting is mainly difficult to cut materials, such as high strength, high toughness, high hardness, high brittleness, magnetic materials, as well as precision, fine and complex shape parts. Our Winplus electric EPS foam cutter is widely used in all walks of life, so the research and design of numerical control wire cutting has very strong practical significance, and the microcomputer control technology is playing a huge advantage.

As a professional electric EPS foam cutter manufacturers, the company has advanced technology and production equipment, perfect management system, but also has a highly qualified professional team, provide a reliable basis for the production of high-quality electric EPS foam cutter products. Electric EPS foam cutter is mainly divided into the early and late manual cutting machine semi automatic cutting machine, copying cutting machine and CNC cutting machine four categories, with the continuous progress and development of science and technology, the mechanical manufacturing technology more and more advanced, cutting function is becoming more and more powerful.

Compared with plasma cutting machine, the temperature of foam board cutting is much lower than that of plasma cutting, which directly results in the cutting speed is lower than that of plasma. Its advantage is that it can cut large thickness foam board, cutting equipment and cutting costs are relatively low.

Compared with the high pressure water jet cutting machine: type of high-pressure water jet cutting machine precision and cutting material than the foam board cutting confidential much better, but the cutting machine in cutting speed and cutting thickness is higher than the water cutting machine.

Insulation board cutting machine used in the current is divided into metal and non metal industry, in general, non metal industry is meticulous, flame cutting machine and control fractional flame cutting machine and manual cutting machine two categories, manual categories: small car, semi automatic, pure manual; numerical control foam cutting machine: Longmen CNC cutting machine, CNC cutting machine and cantilever type CNC cutting machine etc..


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