Advantages of Winplus automatic eps block molding machine

- Nov 16, 2017 -

1, The eps block molding machine is welded by seamless steel pipe and high quality steel. After aging heat treatment, the Longmen planer is processed, so that the machine has high strength, no deformation, good sealing performance, and can withstand the expansion force of high density plate production.

2, The machine electronic control system PLC programmable controller and touch screen control, so that the machine open mold, mold, locking, feeding, heating, insulation, cooling, demoulding products and other automatic cycle completed.

3, The machine adopts advanced and mature penetrating heating molding process at home and abroad, which has strong penetration, good adhesion, low steam consumption, fast molding speed, high production efficiency, and more than two times higher productivity than ordinary hand motivation and semi-automatic machine.

4, Hydraulic and pneumatic parts are made up of famous manufacturers, with good quality and reasonable configuration. Differential control is adopted in the hydraulic control system, which makes the opening and closing mould move slowly and orderly, and the operation is smooth.

5, The plate products after molding, automatic eps block molding machine using digital electronic name, frequency encoder, realize automatic weighing, and feedback back to the computer automatically adjust the weight of the product.



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