Application of Numerical Control Technology in Crusher

- Apr 06, 2012 -

Now with the development of science and technology, the development of numerical control technology is very rapid, and now the unmanned aircraft, robots, CNC machine tools and intelligent robots, as well as the latest 3d printer, are the new creation of CNC technology, Machine is the daily mining production commonly used in the crushing equipment, the former machinery is mostly man-made control, and now CNC technology is applied to the crusher, composed of uncontrolled broken production line.

Digital system is the abbreviation of the digital control system, the English name for the Numerical Control System, it is based on the computer memory control program, the implementation of part or all of the numerical control function, and with the interface circuit and servo drive device dedicated computer system. Crusher now simultaneously through the development of software to expand the operation of the machine function, economically arranged production progress. Now machine tool manufacturers continue to push new products through digital systems to help tool manufacturers and mill factories increase productivity and reduce costs.

Crusher in the numerical aspects of the main performance in three areas, the first is the automation, high precision and application software development, and now many manufacturers have the application of automated technology as high as possible, China is now aerospace and military precision Software, many are through CNC machine tools through programming and software development completed, the real implementation of the manufacturing automation and precision.

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