Be familiar with the preparation procedure before coating machine starts

- Oct 08, 2016 -

Coating machine laminating process refers to the whole process of film and film covering, including membrane selection, film making, tailoring. Mainly used for advertising pictures, post wedding photos made over the film picture is highly anticorrosive, waterproof, dustproof, anti wrinkle and anti ultraviolet erosion performance, can produce a strong three-dimensional sense and artistic appeal. So what should we do before the laminating process?

Pre test of coating machine:

1. Before the start of the coating machine is in a safe state.

2. Film transport adjustment, so that the film tension uniformity, in order to adapt to the size of the film transport tension.

3. Check and confirm whether the gap between the rubber roller and the glue is parallel.

4. Detect the temperature of heating drum so as to avoid temperature gauge.

5. Pressure gauge must achieve the pressure, otherwise pressure does not affect the product.

6. Cleaning the sundries on the cots so as not to waste in the finished goods.

After the preparation, the power switch is closed, the heating cylinder and the motor are opened, then the oil pump is opened, the flow of the film glue is adjusted, and the parallel between the rolls is adjusted. Adjust the paper location of the paper table, glue the film well, and open the heating of the drying channel. After a few sheets of paper, the heating temperature, pressure and the air volume of the drying oven are adjusted again until the effect is good, and the work begins to work normally.

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