CNC Foam Cutter Machine Matters Need Attention

- Feb 10, 2015 -

After the last edited by the editor after the release of an article on the issue of CNC foam cutter machine maintenance work after the release of many readers feel very useful, have asked me continue to publish, thank you for your support, this special release on the cnc foam cutter machine to pay attention to readers.

1,Check the cnc foam cutter machine before starting the machine there is a leak phenomenon, there is no leakage of the phenomenon of gas.

2, Maintenance and repair of CNC cutter machine to pay attention to a technician command coordination.

3, Shut down before closing all the valves, and put the air in the remaining gas.

4, cutter machine used in the work of raw materials for flammable gases such as acetylene, propane, liquefied petroleum gas and other gases. So it is necessary to check whether the entire gas circuit is sealed on time.

5, The operator in the fire when the fire should be timely control, in order to avoid fire.

6,The cutter machine of the gas department should be open to open fire, and in its surrounding normal function of carbon dioxide or other appropriate fire extinguishing device.

7, In the operation, such as in case of emergency, you should immediately press the red emergency stop switch to prevent accidents.

To sum up, let us on this article on the CNC foam cutter machine precautions have a better understanding and understanding, while the industry and products have also been further studied. The real knowledge comes from practice, so as to guide the practice, so hope that we actively and actively share their knowledge and experience.

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eps block cutting machine.jpg

eps block cutting machine

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hot wire foam cutting

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