Crushing Equipment Bearing Overheating how to do?

- Oct 28, 2017 -

(1) The 2 bearing housings are uneven, or the motor rotor and the Wantong crusher rotor are not concentric, which will cause the shaft to bear the impact of additional load, leading to bearing overheating. In this case, the machine should be shut down immediately to eliminate the damage in the early stage of the bearing.

(2) Crushing equipment bearing lubricating oil too much, too little or aging is caused by bearing overheating and damage to the main reason, therefore, according to the use of the book requirements on time quantitative filling of lubricating oil, lubricating bearing space accounted for 70%-80%, too much or too little is not conducive to the bearing lubrication and heat transfer. The bearing prolongs its service life.

(3) The bearing cover and the shaft are too tight, the bearing and shaft with too tight or too loose will lead to bearing overheating. Once this problem occurs, the friction sound and the obvious oscillation will occur when the equipment is in operation. Bearing should be shut down. Trim the crushing equipment friction parts and reassemble them as required.

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