EPS block molding machine application

- Mar 10, 2014 -

Expandable polystyrene foam (EPS) is widely used in construction, roof insulation, decoration, underground moisture barrier, roads, packaging and other fields. Such as the construction of the wall and the foundation of the insulation, inverted roof, EPS sandwich panels, steel mesh sandwich panels, architectural modeling. EPS block molding machine is a special equipment for the production of insulation products, is made of polystyrene as raw material, pre-pre-foam (a foam), dry, cooked treatment, by the EPS sheet machine automatically pre-foam After the beads into the cavity, and then into the steam heating for the second foam, heat and sintering forming, and then by the exhaust cooling stereotypes, the top of the rod will automatically eject the mold products. 

At present, EPS block molding machine usually according to the process requirements using the timing switch steam valve, due to ambient temperature changes, materials and other reasons, the secondary foam is often difficult to achieve the best condition, resulting in serious waste of heat, plate products, poor adhesion, Tensile strength can not meet the requirements and other issues.

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