EPS block molding machine intelligent control principle

- Dec 10, 2014 -

   EPS block molding machine in the production process, the secondary foam process has undergone preheating, rapid heating, insulation and cooling forming four stages, the usual control method is to control the steam valve through the timer switch to achieve the foam process. This control method, can not consider the steam temperature changes and fluctuations in raw materials on the impact of secondary foam. The strategy of intelligent control is in the foaming process, according to the bubble time and through the bubble pressure sensor to monitor the bubble foam, according to the ideal curve data comparison, real-time adjustment of the steam valve, foam control process in accordance with the design curve changes.

    The use of foam foam pressure as a plate foam process control based on the composition of intelligent control function of the EPs plate machine, with low power consumption, good system handling characteristics, the production of sheet metal products, high tensile strength, low moisture content, insulation it is good. EPS block molding machine by the user, the reaction is good, very suitable for the production of enterprises, has a very good application prospects.

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