EPS Block Molding Machine software composition

- Aug 17, 2013 -

EPS Block Molding Machine with intelligent control function of the intelligent control module to achieve the steam temperature, foam pressure data acquisition and filtering processing, the actual sampling data and ideal model data comparison calculation and valve opening calculation, and finally through the steam valve control steam output , So that the foam foaming process changes according to the design curve.

The man-machine interface consists of the operation monitoring screen, the parameter setting screen, the process setting screen, the manual control screen and the help screen.

Operation monitoring screen to achieve the whole process of monitoring the production process.

Parameter setting screen to achieve the valve opening, foam pressure, temperature, time and other system parameters set.

The process setting screen implements the process parameter setting of the system.

Manual control screen can achieve independent control of all output, and all the input to monitor, the main purpose is to facilitate the system debugging and maintenance.

The help screen is used to operate and maintain the correct operation and maintenance of the system.

Precious fabrication of WINPLUS Block molding machine chamber:

Block molding machine.jpg

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