EPS Block Molding Machine switch input and output interface circuit composition

- Oct 08, 2013 -

     The digital input interface circuit is composed of four parts: control command, position signal, system protection signal and analog signal. Control command input interface circuit, to achieve the operation of the operator issued instructions, the task is to start and stop the system and switch mold. Position signal input interface circuit, to achieve the switch mold, mold, mold, putter, lifting plate, the location of raw materials testing. System protection signal input circuit, to achieve heating, cooling, lifting motor overload, vacuum pump overload, transmission motor overload, suction motor overload, exhaust motor overload and hydraulic motor overload protection to ensure safe operation of the system.

     The switch output circuit is composed of heating control, sewage control, mold control, gas supply control, feed control, vacuum system control and alarm output. Heating control by controlling the combination of five steam valves, the steam valve opening is divided into 20 files, each grade difference of 5% steam valve opening, running, according to the heating time and foam pressure, by the intelligent control module to determine the valve opening. The sewage control completes the foam emissions formed during the foaming process.

      Mold control to complete the mold, off the mold, clamping, stripping blowing, products out of the mold cavity size control. Gas supply control to achieve the mold cavity for the supply of materials and products for the cooling

Shape. Vacuum control system to achieve a constant vacuum pressure, heating before reaching the pre-pumping pressure and vacuum control of the product control. Alarm function to complete the system when the abnormal sound and light alarm signal, prompting the operator to fault handling.


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