EPS Block Molding Machine workflow and essentials

- Jul 07, 2014 -

EPS block molding machine work flow is an infinite cycle of the manufacturing process, the beginning of the cycle for the feeding link. This link is the most important raw material can only be less and less, must be sufficient to fill the mold of the internal space. In case of lack of raw materials, there may be local defects or internal voids. In order to avoid such incidents, the raw material troughs must always be sent to inspect workers to prevent losses. The second flow step is to melt the feedstock. At this stage, the machine temperature control should be accurate, can not be higher than the raw material of the ignition point can not be lower than the freezing point. High easy to damage the material, low will lead to uneven density of finished products unexpectedly, is not conducive to the next step of high pressure injection. After the completion of the above two steps is the injection medium to the mold internal links, this stage the pressure of the machine must be stable and huge, so that the liquid can be filled at high speed inside the mold. After all the cooling mold waiting for molding. Remove the finished object and cycle the first step again.

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