EPS decorative integrated insulation board applications

- Aug 04, 2012 -

Decorative insulation board with special clay, can be arbitrarily cut shape of the EPS board and flexible glass mesh to enhance, and can be widely selected decorative paint, resulting in the molding process of the system has great flexibility, can be made of the body ( Building) tailoring the local suture (bonding), regardless of the old and new buildings and what kind of wall can be building facades or building contours sewn into a personal lightweight lightweight jacket, the great advantages of this system ; It is extremely decorative, plastic, can be used to produce such a variety of thickness, a variety of modeling and architectural aesthetic requirements of the building walls and decoration to.

Insulation decorative one board below each plate are installed a whole body of the protective plate, above a stone holding a metal body. In the installation of fixed insulation decorative one board, each board by the wall below the installation of two L-type bracket, bracket holding the protective plate through the protective plate on the metal bracket to pass on the stone above, so as to ensure that every The load of the stone surface is passed through the bracket to the wall.

crusher machine:

crusher machine.jpg

eps expanding machine:

eps expander machines.jpgeps expanding machine.jpg

automatic coating machine:

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