Explanation of laminating method of automatic coating machine

- Feb 10, 2017 -

Hot film automatic coating machine is special heat mounted to a temperature in the heating (about 100-180 C) of the device mounting method called hot laminating, can be divided into single and double heat mounted heat mounting, because of its light permeability and better water resistance, good heat resistance, high hardness, suitable for late in the light relying on advertising or other occasions making pictures. But the hot mounting equipment and consumables are more expensive, complex operation, energy consumption, high cost. Similar to the thermal mount, but generally small. At present, the largest specifications of plastic packaging equipment for the market is 24 inches, is a special plastic film heating for packaging, mainly for certificates, small size pictures or documents, such as packaging.

Automatic coating machine laminating by cold pressing method will be mounted on the surface of the picture film method at room temperature, called the cold. There are single-sided mounting and double mounting. In the method of operation and artificial plastic film laminating and exposing film laminating. Cold mounting process has the advantages of simple operation, good effect and low cost. At present, it is widely used in advertising light box, engineering drawing and wedding photography in the later stage of production.

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