Foam cutting machine with electric wire cutting advantage

- Jun 16, 2012 -

Foam cutting machine equipment using CAD drawing, the use of electric wire cutting, suitable for cutting the product size may be small, can achieve group operations, production doubled, completely eliminated "single-line profiling machine."

Electric wire using nickel-chromium / molybdenum and other hot wire or wire saw, high temperature strength than iron chrome high, high temperature is not easy to use under the deformation, the structure is not easy to change, plastic better, easy to repair, the high emissivity, Strong corrosion resistance, long service life, low cost and easy procurement.

This section cutting machine equipment using horizontal hanging wire, can produce long 300cm wide and 200cm and other special products, can be linked to 20 hot wire forming group processing, encounter foreign matter block will only affect the single wire, will not destroy the entire group cutting process. Winger time 1 minute. Suitable for cutting 8-30 kg bulk of the various types of foam benzene board EPS, EPE horizontal cutting, the product in the raw material base pier, the base pier by the overall area of the overall cutting, the product without oppression, such as processing a product takes 1 minute, Machine hanging 30 hot wire group processing, 1 minute 1 cut 30, efficiency and product accuracy is exactly the same.

The use of electric wire cutting process will not appear odor, the higher the temperature the more hot wire, so the machine during the operation to prohibit the use of hand touch, so as not to burn.

crusher machine:

crusher machine.jpg

eps expanding machine:

eps expander machines.jpgeps expanding machine.jpg

automatic coating machine:

automatic coating machine.jpg

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