Fully automatic coating machine has been widely welcomed by users

- Jul 20, 2017 -

Fully automatic coating machine machine with automatic paper feeding, two in powder, automatic lapping system, automatic cutting, magnetic powder tension control, mechatronics machine control; special pneumatic membrane, hot air blowing efficiency, automatic temperature control, safety, energy saving, many users certainly.

Because the automatic coating machine is used for printing the surface of the film, such as books, posters, color box packaging, handbags and so on. Due to the continuous improvement of the global environmental awareness, oily film will gradually be replaced by water-based laminating. We designed a new coating machine to adapt to the water / oily two kinds of glue and pre coating film, is "one machine, three use" and "high-speed power saving" equipment.

automatic coating machine.jpg

eps beads coating machine feeding systemeps beads coating machine feeding system.jpg

Pulse air cleaning system for coating machine

Pulse air cleaning system for coating machine.jpg

transferring paddles in beads coating machine

transferring paddles in beads coating machine2.jpg

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