How the future brick machine equipment to expand the development of the industry

- Aug 29, 2012 -

We have been emphasizing the cement brick supply market to stabilize the development of enterprises to avoid vicious competition between the phenomenon! There is the enterprise to do their own norms, so as to ensure the sustainable development of the market! But too stressed the cement system brick market, it is easy to ignore the real needs of customers! as too much emphasis on machinery and equipment intelligent, often very easy to utility functions of the machine itself to miss out on! What is that customers really need is! pace of development is inseparable from the era of science and technology want to enhance their research and development capabilities, science and technology are first of all need to improve. the new cement brick machine need to use high-tech, high-tech, high resource utilization, high efficiency production, it is the only long-term development of the road. we the device only the continuous development and innovation in order to go abroad, to the world.

With the introduction of China's cement brick machine tool technology, not only to the domestic machinery production growth, but also improve the overall level of the domestic machinery industry to improve the domestic cement brick industry reputation, but also to our country in the international market also has a certain status. Mechanical design should focus on improving the mechanical quality, increase the mechanical life, etc., to the actual use of the guests as the starting point.To consider the mechanical cavity shape, sub-surface, into the pouring position and way, exhaust location, Which will be on the plastic products, dimensional accuracy, shape accuracy, physical properties, product appearance quality plays a very important impact.Endustrial innovation, technological upgrading of China's cement brick industry has been in the entire machinery in a wide range of gradually occupy their own The domestic machinery industry has become the focus of the world, the market has also been transferred to the future in the development of the industry, technological innovation is the main, technical upgrading is necessary, this is the industry the rapid development and market demand of the most important conditions of China's machinery industry, though started late, very long time early Also based on low-end products as the main, but with the gradual transformation of the new opportunities the industry has been placed in front.

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