How to check the eps block cutting machine

- Nov 08, 2017 -

  • Check the total air intake of the eps block cutting machine, whether there is garbage or not, and whether the valves and the pressure gauges are working normally. Check whether all tracheal connectors are loose, all tubes have no breakage, and tighten or replace when necessary. Check all drive parts for looseness, check gear and rack engagement, and adjust when necessary. Release the tightening device, push pulley by hand, should come and go freely, if abnormal situation should be adjusted or replaced in time. Check the clamping block, steel belt and guide wheel whether loose and steel belt tightness, adjust when necessary. Check the cabinet and operation platform, whether the fastening screws are loose or not, use the vacuum cleaner or blower to clean the dust inside the cabinet. Check whether the connector is loose (refer to the relevant electrical instructions for specific operation).

  • Check the performance of all buttons and selector switches, change the damage in time, and finally draw a comprehensive detection pattern to check the accuracy of the machine. Eps block cutting machine maintenance correct assembly torch. Right, carefully install the torch, is to ensure that all parts with good, to ensure that the gas and the cooling air. When installing, put all the components on the clean flannelette to avoid dirt sticking to the parts. Add proper lubricating oil to O ring, and make the O ring bright. The consumable parts should be replaced before they are completely damaged. Eps block cutting machine parts are not completely consumed after damage to replace, because the electrode, the nozzle and the vortex ring will produce severe wear of plasma arc can not be controlled easily, causing serious damage to the torch. Therefore, when the first cut quality is found, the consumable parts should be checked in time.

EPS cutting machine with double vibration cutting sections.jpg

Continuous cutting- Horizontal:

Continuous Cutting- Vertical:

Conveyor racks after fabrication and assembling:

Conveyor racks after fabrication and assembling..jpg

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