How to deal with foaming phenomenon when use vacuum coating equipment?

- Sep 01, 2017 -

Foaming phenomenon of vacuum coating equipment:

1, the printing ink layer is not wet. The glue should be pressed again and again, and the time of film covering should be delayed so as to make it dry thoroughly.

2, the printing ink layer is too thick. The amount of adhesive coating should be increased, and the pressure and composite temperature should be increased.

3, the drying temperature is too high, the surface of the adhesive crust. Drying temperature should be reduced.

4, composite roller surface temperature is too high. Compound roller temperature should be reduced.

5, vacuum coating equipment or relaxation phenomena, the film is uniform or curling. The film should be replaced and the tension should be adjusted.

6. Dust on the surface of the film. Should be cleared in time.

7, adhesive coating uneven, less dosage. Coating amount and uniformity should be improved.

8, adhesive concentration is too high, high viscosity, uneven coating. Application of diluent to reduce adhesive concentration.

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