How to deal with the bad sticky table of vacuum coating equipment?

- Sep 03, 2017 -

Cause analysis and troubleshooting of sticky table in laminating machine:

1, improper selection of adhesive, improper setting of the amount of glue, error in proportioning measurement. The type and dosage of adhesives should be re selected.

2, the diluent contains NCO base alcohol and water, so that the main agent hydroxyl does not react. High purity ethyl acetate should be used.

3, the surface of the printing powder. Wipe away with dry cloth.

4, the printing ink layer is too thick. Adhesive coating should be added to increase the pressure.

5, printing ink layer is not dry or not thoroughly dry. The adhesive should be heated first and then glued; the binder with high solid content should be selected; the coating thickness of the adhesive should be increased; and the temperature of the drying channel will be increased.

6, the binder is printed ink and paper absorption, so that the amount of coating inadequate. The amount of coating should be reformulated and set up.

7, plastic vacuum coating equipment surface treatment is not enough or more than the applicable period, so that the treatment surface failure. Plastic film should be replaced.

8, the pressure is small, the speed is faster, the temperature is low. Film temperature and pressure should be increased, and vehicle speed should be reduced appropriately.

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