How to maintain the EPS block molding machine?

- Sep 19, 2014 -

We all know that the EPS block molding machine is more complex, how to maintain the machine, I believe that many friends should not be very understanding, then, I told you how to maintain into EPS block molding machine.

EPS block molding machine maintenance in several areas, the first is the maintenance of the circuit, we usually use the molding machine in the process of time to pay attention to the circuit board clean, remember to clean up the strength of the box temperature dust, try to keep the box dry, So as to avoid damp; the second is the maintenance of oil, the need to regularly check the various parts of the oil circuit there is no oil spill, if any time to deal with, to prevent the piston rod scratches and oil quality deterioration; the third is mechanical maintenance, Check the machine drive parts have no wear, check the butter mouth is not blocked, pay attention to the amount of butter, add butter.

There is the molding machine hydraulic oil needs to be replaced once a year, to clean up the oil phase of the sludge, clean up the water cooler in time to prevent the rise in oil temperature caused by accelerated aging.


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