How to solve the excessive noise in the work of crusher machine

- Oct 28, 2017 -

Crusher machine operation will generally have some sound, think when crusher machine crush material will certainly have a crushing sound, this is normal, but if the sound into a loud noise, that is a problem, so this mill excessive noise how to solve it, we work together come to see.

1, each rotating parts add lubricating oil, if the bearing and shaft misalignment, then adjust; bearing wear, then replace the bearing;

2, crusher machine grinding process heat production phenomenon will also produce noise, can take crushing room water cooling jacket temperature reduction;

3, install the crusher machine in the air outlet of the grinding room;

4. Vibration reduction of the crusher machine, such as damping pad.

Through the above study, when you meet the crusher machine noise is too large when it can be solved by the above method, which avoids the mechanical failure may occur more, timely detection and treatment.

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