How to use the crusher plants correctly

- Oct 28, 2017 -

1. Crusher plants and power unit should be installed firmly. If the crusher plants long-term fixed operations, should be fixed in the cement foundation; if the crusher plants is flow operation, unit should be installed in the use made of the base angle, and to ensure that the engine (diesel or motor) and crusher plants pulley groove in the same plane of rotation.

2. After thecrusher plants is installed, check the tightening condition of the fasteners, and tighten if there is any looseness. Check the tightness of belt at the same time.

3. Before the crusher plants  starting the first hand, the rotation of the rotor, check the tooth claw hammer, and the rotor is flexible and reliable, in the case of no collision phenomenon, the rotating direction of the rotor and the direction of the arrow machine, power machine, pulverizer lubrication is good.

4. Don't change the belt pulley, in order to prevent the high speed of the crusher room explosion, or the speed is too low, affect the work efficiency of the crusher plants.

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