Process environmental protection of water automatic coating machine

- Mar 01, 2017 -

Covering a thin layer of transparent plastic film on the surface of the printed paper and print a form after processing technology called the film, it is a kind of printing surface finishing method. The printing material processed by the water automatic coating machine not only has glossy surface, but also improves the anti tearing strength, water resistance and decay resistance of the printed surface. Become an effective means to improve the quality of printed matter and commodity value.

Water based adhesive resin coating products gloss, whiteness than organic solvent based coatings, adhesive and solvent based adhesive is; and the water soluble glue water machine coated with adhesive, without heating and drying, it can save a lot of energy; because the water-based adhesive with high solid content, water-based adhesive with weight the ratio of 50% solvent adhesive coating area, so the water based adhesive resin coated products cost much lower than solvent adhesive. Water-based coatings with water as dispersing agent, polymer with white emulsion adhesive composition of dispersed phase, does not contain any organic solvent, organic monomer residues should be less than 0.1%, no odor or smell with alcohol or ester fragrance. Therefore, less pollution to the environment, so that the membrane technology to achieve the greatest degree of environmental protection.

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