Six characteristics of hotwire foam cutter

- Oct 30, 2017 -

Yantai Winplus machinery specializes in hotwire foam cutter production, sales, the production of foam cutting machine with low price, good quality, complete varieties, is the ideal choice of hotwire foam cutter needs . Hotwire foam cutter has the characteristics of the following points:

1. The structure is good, the precision is very high, the configuration is good, and the speed is very fast.

2, the use of Longmen type beam, the most mature technology; speed is very fast, high precision, structural rigidity is very good, high stability. The motion mechanism of the machine adopts imported precision ball linear guide, which has high precision and fast speed.

3, auxiliary function is particularly many, operation is very good, maintenance is very convenient.

4. The light guide system of the machine adopts closed optical path, and the quick changing mirror seat of the drawer ensures the useful life of the lens.

5. The laser cutting head is equipped with a capacitance type height tracking system, which keeps the strict consistency, and the reaction is very sensitive and accurate, so as to avoid the collision between the cutting head and the plate, so as to ensure the quality of cutting.

6. The electric control console of foam cutting machine can move freely, the height is moderate, and the operation is convenient.

As a professional foam cutting machine supplier, the hotwire foam cutter produced by our company is reasonable in price and good in quality. It is one of the ideal manufacturers to choose from.

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