Specific use of Winplus hotwire foam cutter

- Nov 11, 2017 -

Winplus hotwire foam cutter for all kinds of foam board, insulation board, plastic extruded board, pearl cotton, sponge, foam, with slotted plates can be cut (foam board, insulation board, plastic extruded board) shape of the groove, the fracture can be cut smooth; woven rubber sheet, rubber sheet, rubber plate and rubber rod; also can cut tubular webbing;

Specific use of Winplus hotwire foam cutter:

1, Cutting a variety of foam board, insulation board, Extrusion board, pearl cotton, bubble foam, sponge, with slotted plate can be cut (foam board, insulation board, Extrusion board) of various shapes of groove, smooth fracture surface;

2. Cutting and weaving rubber sheets, foamed rubber sheets, rubber plates and rubber sticks;

3. Cut tubular webbing

4, Cutting thin chemical fiber cloth (curtain cloth, advertising cloth, white canvas, etc.)

5. Cutting the chemical fiber carpet; cutting the plastic thin wall;

6. Remove the corner of office furniture decoration material (such as screen cloth);

7, To eradicate the tile surface or organic stains grease;

8, Winplus hotwire foam cutter can be removed plastic parts gate (nozzle) material and so on.

Hot wire foam cutting:

hot wire foam cutting.jpg



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