The Basic Requirements For Eps Foam Molding

- May 08, 2015 -

After pre-hair, after aging of the EPS particles into the mold, the state is loose, need to use steam to heat it to 110 ~ C or so, so that the second foam bonding molding. It is particularly necessary to specify here that this type of heating is conveyed mainly by convection, which is only slightly acting on the inner surface of the mold, as far as radiation is minimal.

At present, such EPS molding molds are generally made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel plate can also be used in sheet metal forming machine, and the main part of the packaging mold is generally cast aluminum. In order to strengthen the convection heating, and EPS material contact part of the mold wall, are required to add drilling steam, or cutting steam tank, or install the plug. From the point of view of increasing production speed, it seems advantageous to increase the area of steam, and for EPS products, the steam area is slightly smaller, and it is also advantageous to improve the penetration of vapor pressure, so that the middle part of the product can also be sticky Good then. Of course, for a variety of different EPS raw materials and different density, the performance of its adhesion is slightly different.

eps block molding machine.jpg

eps block moulding machine.jpg

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