The characteristics of small coating machine

- Jul 27, 2016 -

Small eps coating machine is light, small size, light weight, easy to operate. It is a kind of economical coating machine which is suitable for commercial, industrial, office, trademark making, printing, packaging, electronics and other industries. The film products widely, and to protect the surface of the film, adhesive can also fit for products; products include such as mobile phone lens, touch screen, glass sheet, acrylic, plastic products, optical products, tag listing, PVC signs, all kinds of products, sheet metal, electronic lens surface etc.. After the product surface is covered with film, it is easy to be free from pollution, corrosion, scratch, protect the original bright and glossy surface and prevent the bursting of the lens, etc. in the process of production, processing, transportation, storage and use.

Main performance characteristics of small eps coating machine

1, use the moderate hardness rubber roller, press the strength evenly;

2, the upper and lower sides can enter the film, you can also choose one side into the film;

3. Equipped with foot switch,

4, the function of advance and retreat, can ensure the product back when necessary;

5. The pressure is adjusted automatically. The thickness of the film can be adjusted.

6, the film laminating machine equipped with governor, laminating speed adjustable, improve production.

7, full body aluminum alloy, beautiful and generous

8. The feed length can be set

9, start and start feet, automatic feeding

10, replace the original handmade foil


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