The EPS block molding machine is an indispensable device for automated production

- Aug 19, 2014 -

The EPS block molding machine is a kind of automatic equipment, and the molding machine is used together with the PCL control system to form a complete pipeline. Is an indispensable device for automated production. The general molding machine is to mold the molten state of the fluid, or thermoplastic deformation of the polymer. High efficiency and high efficiency of the molding machine can greatly reduce the cost of labor, but also the liberation of people's hands, and simple management, large-scale production. China is a big industrial country, the molding machine technology has been rapid development, the application layer is small to the shoe thermoplastic, large industrial model, with the molding machine of the subject should also be born. For those who want large-scale expansion of the factory, manpower is very expensive, you can early understanding of the molding machine market as early as possible to outline a line of their own lines, in order to keep up with the pace of the times.

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