The key to Eps preform

- May 10, 2013 -

According to eps pre-expander machine (mainly clamping performance and other performance parameters) and the needs of different products, EPS molds are not the same. In order to achieve the standardization of the mold and serialization, easy to mold the assembly and disassembly and reduce the amount of processing, improve productivity, the mold is divided into mold and cavity two.

1, Mold can be divided into concave mold and convex mold frame, the size is serialized.

The height of the die frame is suitable for the needs of different products, generally made several specific specifications presented series, so in the back of the die equipped with different height of the support frame.

2, Cavity by the die, punch panel and backplane composition, replace the mold only need to replace the cavity, so that in the manufacturing and use process will be very convenient. (1) a variety of different molding machine table because the table is also different, need to be based on the size of the product area to choose a reasonable. (2) the shape of the cavity is directly related to the shape of the product, with screws to be fixed on the mold, the backplane and panel position correction, the installation of feeding gun, mandrel, all possible gaps are installed Sealing the ring for subsequent vacuuming. Die and punch were installed after the clamping, connected with the mold end of the interface of the trachea, tube, to be on the machine production.

3, The mold installed in the mold after the installation on the machine, connected to the end of the forming machine water pipe, pipe, trachea, die and punch to open, you can try the molding process.

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