The main characteristics of drying system and circuit of automatic coating machine are analyzed

- Jun 19, 2017 -

Full automatic coating machine drying system adopts special design of horizontal drying box and manual temperature control system (heating speed, convenient operation, effectively save auxiliary time work from 30 degrees to 90 degrees 15 minutes or so), this design can make the OPP film steady running dry, will not lead to offset or shrink film. The drying system which is suitable for water-based glue has high heat and wide distribution, so that the heat energy is evenly distributed on the OPP film, which makes the glue quickly drying, and the reaction speed is fast.

The use of advanced circuit using FATEK original PLC programming control, automatic coating machine of mechanical and electrical integration, the touch screen can automatically adjust the size of edge, without the need for manual operation, reduce the error of the paper take the side of the. The man-machine interface displays the speed, the mechanical working condition, the fault prompt, achieves the user-friendly operation; the electric motor uses the frequency conversion control, the stability, the energy conservation, the security is reliable.

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